Tankless Watter Heater Installation, Repair & Replacement Service Essex NJ

Almost every home has a water heater that is used to heat the water used in the kitchen, bathrooms and other spaces. There are varieties of water heaters, like the solar water heater, gas water heater, and tankless water heaters. Among these three types, the tankless water heater is the most popular because it consumes less energy. If you install a water conditioner with it, you’ll make it last longer, protecting it from mineral content residue. At Essex Hvac, we know that hot water is important for comfort, that’s why we are committed to providing the highest quality water heater solutions for your home.

For the installation of a new water heater or replacing an old one, we advise people to use the tankless water heater system because it has many advantages and benefits when compared to the regular water heaters.

What Are The Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters For Your Home

Here are some reasons why homeowners go for the tankless water:

  • It uses up less space since no storage tank is involved. Tankless water heaters don’t have tanks. The heater heats water that goes through the pipe when you open the faucet.
  • Energy Bill Savings: the storage water heater models heat water all the time, the tankless water heats water only when you put on the faucet is switched on, this means you will be saving up to 30% from electricity.
  • Durability: since there is constant flow of water, there is a lower possibility that bacteria will grow is very low. Tankless water heaters are affordable, maintaining them is cheaper, and with a bi-annual maintenance program, they will last longer. The tankless water heater can be used beyond the bathroom, it can be used in hot tubs, outdoor sinks and many different locations in your home.

For your tankless water heater, contact us today for free consultation. Our service technicians are available all round the clock and our customer service line is on stand-by anytime you need it including nights and emergencies. Essex Air Conditioning are professionals in installing durable tankless heaters, this will reduce the possibility of repair, replacement or installation in a long time.